Episode 9

The Case Analysis


A case isn’t just about scientific evidence. It is about piecing together a story that makes sense with the evidence.

Building a case is about interrogating the stories of people on the periphery. It is about asking the question: does this make sense? over and over. And when two people say opposing things, it is about deciding whose story to believe when both can’t be true.

Does the evidence suggest Vivienne Cameron did what she has been accused of? A year after Vivienne’s inquest, there is another vicious attack on a woman on Phillip Island, a friend of Vivienne’s. This victim fights back and manages to escape her attacker. Is there a connection? We never find out because the culprit is never caught. But people wonder.

Relevant Photos

Map from Ian’s house to Beth’s house

Map from Beth’s house to Cowes police


It was always our greatest hope that this podcast might provide some answers in the Phillip Island murder case. Do you hold a piece of the puzzle? Vikki would love to hear from anyone who has any information regarding the vanishing of Vivienne Cameron.

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