Episode 5

The Aftermath


News of the murder spreads. People are in shock. No one can believe the culprit could be a popular Island mum. The news just does not equate to the Vivienne Cameron that people know.

She is the one who brings the casserole and bottle of wine when friends are feeling down. She is one who takes horse riding lessons so she can fit in better on the farm. She is the one who works tirelessly at the Community House to support other Island women. The quiet one. The awkward one. How can this have happened?

But outside of the immediate family, there is one local woman who is especially horrified when she hears the news. Hours after police suspect Vivienne jumped from the Phillip Island bridge to her death, Glenda Frost gets a phone call from the missing woman.

The conversation is about a gift Vivienne is organising as a retirement present for a friend. Nothing out of the ordinary. Except at that exact time, police are searching for her as a prime suspect in a murder case.

Relevant Photos

Detective Alan McFayden

Detective Rory O’Connor

Glenda Frost


It was always our greatest hope that this podcast might provide some answers in the Phillip Island murder case. Do you hold a piece of the puzzle? Vikki would love to hear from anyone who has any information regarding the vanishing of Vivienne Cameron.

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