Episode 10

The Vanishing of Vivienne Cameron


Vivienne Cameron vanishes on the night Beth Barnard is killed. The case isn’t talked about openly. Talking is how we process trauma, but in the aftermath, the murder is not a subject open to discussion.

Whispers and theories are exchanged behind closed doors. Soon, the official investigation is over and both cases have gone to inquest and people go on with their lives. The talking stills and Vivienne vanishes metaphorically as well as physically.

When the book on the case comes out in 1993, locals begin talking again. A man comes forward with information he has kept to himself for eight years. Is it another piece of the puzzle? Or another irrelevant fact?

After all these years, people who loved Vivienne and Beth would like answers to the many questions that remain. As one friend on the Island said, ‘The memory of the horror has never really gone away and the feeling that we still don’t know what happened to Vivienne Cameron sits poorly with us.’ They just want to know the truth.

Relevant Photos

Vivienne’s brother, Keith Candy

Beth’s grave


It was always our greatest hope that this podcast might provide some answers in the Phillip Island murder case. Do you hold a piece of the puzzle? Vikki would love to hear from anyone who has any information regarding the vanishing of Vivienne Cameron.

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