Casefile Presents, The Vanishing of Vivienne Cameron is a new podcast that delves into the Phillip Island murder that captivated Casefile listeners worldwide. Join Casefile and Vikki Petraitis, co-author of The Phillip Island Murder, as she explores the case in a series of compelling episodes bound to keep you hooked from start to finish. Dive deeper into the details of the victims, forensics, and the story, as Vikki takes you back to Phillip Island to understand – what really happened that night… and where is Vivienne?


EPISODE 1: The Women, Before

Who were Beth Barnard and Vivienne Cameron before history cast them as victim and killer? Hear their friends describe them.

EPISODE 2: The Last Day

On their last day, the two women move closer to the events that will seal their fate. Follow them, step by step.

EPISODE 3: The Morning After

Vivienne can’t be found by her family. When her brothers-in-law check on Beth Barnard the horrible truth is revealed.


It was always our greatest hope that this podcast might provide some answers in the Phillip Island murder case. Do you hold a piece of the puzzle? Vikki would love to hear from anyone who has any information regarding the vanishing of Vivienne Cameron.

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